What We Sell

GCS stocks a huge range of IT equipment including desktop computers, laptops, servers, workstations as well as spare components.

We mainly stock equipment from major OEM manufacturers including IBM Lenovo, HP, Dell, Fujitsu with specifications ranging from Pentium 4 to recent generations of Intel i3/i5/i7, DDR 2 & DDR 3 RAM.  We have also began to carry stock of equipment with SSD hard drives.

Our server range also comes from the major manufacturers including Dell & HP.  We stock single socket, dual and quad core Intel Xeon series in both rackmount and tower variants.

For the above, we stock many parts and components such as RAM (ECC & Non-ECC, Intel & AMD CPUs, Opteron and Xeon derivitaives and all different types of hard drives (SATA/SAS and SSD).