About Us

Since 2001, we have been helping companies manage IT equipment no longer in use and find innovative, more efficient and economic ways to recycle these. Our clients are enterprises of all sizes across the United Kingdom, as well as overseas.

Global Computer Systems has in-depth knowledge of IT systems and all sorts of IT assets, and can determine their state and utility at any given point. We have worked with different clients across industries, from small firms to corporations possessing high quantities of IT devices that would no longer be used.

Our range of services

GCS offers the complete range of used IT equipment management including:

  • Remarketing
  • Refurbishing
  • Recycling
  • Asset disposal
  • Data recovery and protection

Looking to shop for second-hand equipment or parts still in good condition, at an affordable price? We resell what you need, from ex-corporate, ex-lease IT systems as sources. Through our distribution network, we remarket and distribute these to our budget conscious clients.

We have the experience

GCS  understands the life cycle of electronics and the stages of maintenance. As we have a team skilled in equipment maintenance, we can sell specific parts salvaged from systems which are still in good condition.

When the equipment is of no use, we recycle parts, to recover part of the costs. Our activity is based on environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions to minimise waste and its impact.

International Exporter

As an international exporter, GCS comes in contact with companies and organisations in need of used, inexpensive equipment. Any functional devices or parts can thus be redirected, for profit.   If you have important quantities of such assets to dispose of, we can ensure adequate, professional data management and salvage what is still in good condition, so that you can lower your expense and invest in new equipment.