The one shared characteristic with IT assets is that they all reach end of life either due to a failure of its components or development of newer technologies.  Every so often, a company or organisation will be faced with the challenge of disposing outdated equipment.   GCS offer to take away these assets from your hands, and recycle them in the most legally-compliant, environmentally friendly way.

Our solutions are the best

E-waste is increasingly becoming worrying due to the vast amounts of it created each year. We offer a convenient IT recycling solution to businesses faced with the dilemma of how to dispose of their old assets.  We are fully certified and adhere to the highest standards of environmental management.

Our recycling service is robust. It includes:

  • Collection – We offer the convenient option of collecting your old IT equipment, straight from your premises. We have available a special fleet of vehicles to make it easy to collect and carry the equipment easily, regardless of scale.
  • Data Destruction- We respect the right to privacy, and any data held on your IT assets at the time of collection will be destroyed upon request. We will follow this up with documentation for statutory purposes as well as peace of mind.
  • Refurbishment- After inspection, any components or equipment or parts that are deemed to be functional or useful are refurbished to extend their life. With built-to-order requests, we can sell them back to you at highly subsidised costs.
  • Environmentally-friendly disposal- For the parts that are completely obsolete, like CRT monitors, the disposal is done in the most environmentally-conscious way.

Our recycling services are highly affordable and in addition to our refurbishment and asset disposal services, we can take care of all your old IT asset needs of your company.