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Undoubtedly, the primary reason that organisations prefer to purchase refurbished kit is to save money.  Refurbished kit allows you to acquire quality, branded IT assets at a significantly lower price than new equipment thereby saving money without much compromise on performance.

All our refurbished computer equipment undergoes a thorough, rigorous IT refurbishing process to make equipment look and perform like new as well as providing the same guarantee as you would get on new hardware.

Furthermore, we believe the advent of cloud computing and the offloading of processing power and storage into centralised data centres has made the case for refurbished IT kit even more compelling.

As a large scale provider of refurbished IT equipment, our inventory includes rack servers, tower servers, desktops, workstations, laptops and are suitable for many different sectors including:

  • Schools, colleges and academic institutions where cost is of primary concern
  • Hospitals & medical centres
  • Businesses with limited budgets
  • Cloud focused businesses where latest processing power is not a requirement
  • International and emerging markets who are budget conscious