IT Asset Remarketing

Remarketing IT goods turns old or no longer needed equipment into cash. With our Asset Recovery and Remarketing service we can be most helpful to businesses and companies like yours.  Maximise your return of investment with this simple, economical and efficient method.

We purchase old, outdated or simply no longer required IT assets from organisations, carefully evaluate these, select what can still be used and bring it back on the market. We assess the age and condition of all parts, refurbish what can be salvaged and resell.

Since we are talking about second hand marketing, prices will naturally be lower, yet will make it possible to recover an important part of the initial cost. Therefore, this is a double win situation: your company gets some of its money back, thus getting new funds for its upcoming acquisitions, whilst others have the chance to buy IT equipment for a fraction of the cost.

You may also choose to have the equipment evaluated and reuse it yourself. Our clients are happy to recover parts that are still good, instead of spending on purchasing new equipment.

Furthermore, if you are looking for affordable IT assets you could also benefit from our service.  Through IT asset remarketing we make high quality computers and connected hardware available to a wider range of clients based in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.  Our extended global reach means that you get maximum value for your assets.   GCS ensures that all equipment sold is functional and reliable.

The GCS strategy is economical and also friendly to the environment. You can be confident that anything that does not get reused will be recycled.  For your peace of mind and reassurance, all recycling conforms to UK regulatory rules.

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