How We Refurbish

At GCS, we employ qualified technicians to perform industry standard refurbishing of all types of IT equipment including, servers, computers, workstations and laptops.

Our thorough refurbishment process includes:

Internal and external cleaning

Upon arrival any external cosmetic damage is rectified or replaced. We also thoroughly clean all internal components.

Component level testing

All components including CPU, motherboard, hard drive and RAM are tested and faulty parts are indentified and replaced.

Specification upgrade/downgrade

Based on client requirements as well as market conditions, we upgrade or downgrade the device.

Software image reload

We prepare a standard build which is then imaged onto multiple machines. This makes the refurbishment process quicker and less prone to software conflicts.

Full burn in test

Once the software is loaded, we perform a full burn in test to verify the quality of the end product from a software and hardware perspective.

Why buy refurbished?

Refurbished systems are significantly cheaper than newer systems so from a cost perspective it makes business sense. Refurbished computers also have comparable performance to new computers for many common use cases, including general word processing, email communication and internet browsing. Thus, your business can safely invest with the knowledge that they will be no less capable than new machines.

We take the risk away from purchasing old kit through our thorough refurbishment process, whilst you save money. The environment also benefits because less items will go to landfill.